1. please observe all park rules.form lines when buying tickets and entering not shove or push and do not block entrances or walkways.

2. help keep the park spitting or littering. use the toilet facilities provided.

3. please help preserve the historic relics and public graffiti anywhere. do not carve into the trees or any installation. do not lie or sleep on the benches.

4. do not walk on the grass and do not pick any flowers,branches,leaves or fruit.

5. protect the wild life and the domesticated animals in the not tease them or throw only in officially designated areas.

6. rent,operate,and return pleasure boats as the rules swimming or ice-skating.

7. pedding not not distribute any kinds of advertisements or brochures.

8. please act with decorum in all matters and be courteous to all other guests and park staff.gambling,public drunkenness, and lewd cehavior are strictly forbidden.

9. weapons or other dangerous items or materials are not not bring your pets into the careful with matches and do not start fires in any area or smoke in “non-smoking”areas.

10. observe the hours of not loiter or sleep in the not climb on walls or gates.

the administration office of beihai park